Willing Partner - Reference Dam
1990 bay American Saddlebred mare
Bred by Caballos del Mar
Pensioned 2014
Hagen Renaker San Marcos DW "Honora" OF

Willing Partner

Will Shriver®
1966 chestnut
Callaway's Johnny Gillen®
1959 chestnut
Wing Commander®
1943 chestnut
Anacacho Shamrock®
Flirtation Walk®
Fourth Estate®
1943 brown
Kalarama Rex®
Kate Shriver®
1945 chestnut
Anacacho Denmark®
1930 chestnut
Edna May's King®
Jane Black®
Reverie's Desdemona®
1942 chestnut

King's Genius®
Spirit of Kentucky®
Rhythm Rose
1980 bay
Hagen Renaker "Honora" o.f.
Spring Valley's Deliverance®
1972 bay
Night of Folly®
1946 black
Society Rex®
Gay Emily®
Jo Taun®
1966 chestnut
Private Contract®
Spicewood's Checkerhall®
Piccadilly Rose
1971 palomino

Buck And Wing®
1956 chestnut

Wing Commander®
Lovely Maid®
Special Rose
1956 palomino
Bourbon's Golden King®
Lucy Rose®


1994 - Holly, bay ASB filly by Bond Street. Owned by Natasha Powers/Powers Farm, FL.
1995 -
1996 - Willing Measures, liver chestnut ASB filly by Measure Up. Owned by Natasha Powers/Powers Farm, FL.
1997 -
1998 - Sensable Partner Lady, black ASB filly by Sensei. Owned by Natasha Powers/Powers Farm, FL.
1999 - Sensable Partner, black tobiano ASB colt by Sensei. Owned by Natasha Powers/Powers Farm, FL.
2000 -
2001 - Prestigious, bay ASB filly by The Prestige. Owned by Autumn Rupert/Twilight Mirkwood.
2002 - Summer Melody, bay American Saddlebred filly by Hi Wire Act. Owned by Mary Schoedel.
2003 - Sultan's Accomplice, bay tobiano ASB colt by Sultan's Go Go. Bred by CDM and Indigo Creek Stables, owned by Cindi Nakagawa/Indigo Creek Stables.
2004 - Partner In Crime, bay ASB filly by Reedann's Top Gun®. Owned by Kay Myers/Caballos Del Mar.
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