History of Caballos Del Mar

Caballos Del Mar . . . Horses of the Sea.

The first horse was a bay Family Arab Stallion at my 6th birthday party. He had the blue ribbon sticker and everything - the sticker is gone but the model is still here. I continued collecting and began showing in the late 1970's after the "Classic" magazine article on model horses. I was very active in live and photo showing, customizing and collecting Breyers and Hagen Renakers, and pedigree assignment.

After a move to the east coast in 1987 and a hiatus of about twenty years, Caballos Del Mar got back into model horses in 2007. During that time, a dispersal sale reduced the herd from close to 1,500 to a more manageable 300 or so. All but fourteen of our original finish Breyers were sold, as were nearly all of our customized/repainted horses.

A few years ago, Cory Hartung was kind enough to provide us with a copy of our old sire/dam list as well as the pedigrees we created for her horses (those of you that use Cory’s sires and dams may have some of our horses in their pedigrees). Using this list as a starting point, as well as our original pedigree research papers, we began to reconstruct the pedigrees for the breeding stock that we once had, using those original horses as sires and dams for the models that we kept. Most of the models that remained in the collection have been bred forward from their original namesakes. As you will see, nearly all of the horses on the list are original finish Hagen-Renakers, Beswicks, and limited edition runs and most of the customized horses are done by Sarah Minkiewicz, Laurie Jensen, or me.

Some of the original breeding stock pedigrees have had to be altered – while all of the real horse bloodlines included in the past were painstakingly researched (pre-Internet, using actual stud books and magazines, and many hours in the W.K. Kellogg Arabian Horse Library at Cal Poly, Pomona), the information now available has dictated some corrections. Many of our original horses had model-bred pedigrees and in those cases, we have not gone back to modify the breeding, unless there were blatant real-horse errors somewhere in the pedigree.

The current list includes the models that we now own as well as our older reference breeding stock. Clicking on the name or photo will take you to that horse's individual page showing their full pedigree, larger photo and years available for breeding. Hyperlinks in a horses pedigree will take you to additional model horses that may be available as well.