November 9

New Kids on the Block

To be honest, some of these models have been hanging around for months, just waiting for me to get their identities straightened out.

- Anasazi Opal TLC, 2009 black leopard (homozygous black) Appaloosa mare (Breyer SM G3 Standing Stock Horse OF)

- Picasso do Mar, 2007 bay overo Criollo stallion (Breyer Desatado "Picasso" OF)

- Dragonfire C, 2007 palomino overo Part Arabian mare (Breyer PAM "Farah" 2015 Vintage Club ~ 1 of 500 OF)

- Smart Kinda Cat, 2003 chestnut rabicano QH mare (Breyer Roxy "Don't Look Twice" OF)

- Hollywood Paychex, 2009 sooty palomino QH stallion (Breyer Wyatt "Jesse" TSC 2015 SR OF)

- Heraldry, 1999 grey snowflake Appaloosa Sporthorse stallion (Breyer Cleveland Bay "Murphy" 2015 Vintage Club ~ 1 of 500 OF)

- Faraoh, 2004 grey (bay) Oldenburg stallion (Gerhardt Heart of Darkness resin CM)

- Presto, 1995 grey (black) Trakehner stallion (Breyer Idocus "Snowman" OF)

That's it for the time being.

October 27

Falling Into Autumn

It's getting colder. The leaves are turning and soon will be falling. It's dark in the morning when we leave the house...soon it will be dark when we return. Hoping for one more photo shoot this weekend. In the meantime:

- Brujo DCH, 2010 grey (bay) Andalusian (PRE) stallion (CollectA Andalusian Stallion OF)

- Isle of View, 2002 bay tobiano Chincoteague mare (Breyer Misty "Coral" ~ 2015 Vintage Club, 1 of 500 OF)

- Zaira do Jota, 2000 black tobiano (homozygous) Mangalarga Paulista mare (Breyer 2015 Premier Club "Hermosa" OF)

- Esperto da Casa Nova, 2010 black tobiano (homozygous) Mangalarga Paulista stallion (Breyer 2015 Premier Club "Corazon" OF)

- Jemini Dream, 2002 blue roan (wedgewood) Mustang stallion (Breyer Running Stallion 2015 Vintage Club "Sailor" OF)

- Sheza Key Deal, 2008 palomino tobiano Paint mare (Breyer Latigo "Tallulah" 2015 Web Special OF)

- Heritage Lucky Stars, 2012 grey (bay) Shire stallion (Breyer Argyle, 2015 SR 1 of 3,000 OF)

Bundle up!

September 18

Did You Miss Me?

Two updates within a week! Don't get too spoiled...I'm sure that I will return to my slacker ways soon.

- CDM Maleficent, 2009 black Morgan mare (Breyer SM G1 Morgan Mare OF)

- CDM Bravo, 2006 palomino Morgan stallion (HR Mini Morgan Stallion OF)

- Stoneykirk Miracle, 2005 chestnut tovero NASD (Belgian/Percheron type) mare (BSO)

- Spotlight Singularity, 2009 chestnut medicine hat tovero NASD (Belgian/Percheron type) stallion (Breyer Belgian CM by Chris Allen)

- Nidorina, 1998 dapple grey Holsteiner mare (Breyer SM G2 WB OF)

That's it for this update. Still more to come.

September 15

All Of A Sudden...

...we're almost three-quarters of the way through the year. Which means shorter days, less daylight, and cooler weather in the offing. On the bright side, however: my birthday + Christmas = more models! I've already gotten my presents, because there were a couple of lovelies that I just couldn't pass up. Here are some of our new additions, with others still needing PAs:

- Ashwood Tori, 1997 brown dun Fjord mare (BSO)

- Zerilda, 2002 chestnut Haflinger mare (CollectA Haflinger Foal Standing OF)

- Hanno, 2005 chestnut Haflinger stallion (CollectA Haflinger Foal Walking OF)

- Carrickleas Trom, 2006 bay Kerry Bog Pony stallion (CollectA Dartmoor Pony OF)

- Forever Yours, 2004 red dun overo+frame Paint mare (Breyer Bobby Jo OF)

- Andanza, 2005 dapple rose grey Criollo/TB mare (Breyer Polo Pony OF)

- CDM Bouquet, 2008 palomino tobiano ASB/Morgan mare (Lakeshore Miz Charisma SR OF)

- Ironwood Crown Prince, 2009 dapple grey Percheron stallion (Eustis Trotting Percheron CM)

- Heritage Lucky Stars, 2012 grey (bay) Shire stallion (Breyer "Argyle" SR OF)

- Honor Bound, 2009 chestnut Hanoverian stallion (CollectA Hanoverian OF)

All for now!

July 1

Middle of the Year

I wish the warm months would hang around longer than the cold ones. Oh well, I will try to enjoy them while I can.

I know I have some new horses posted but I will have to go check the list and see who's who. In the meantime, I have a new page where I will be keeping links to some vintage model horse publications, sire/dam lists, etc.

Model History

March 3

The Weather Outside Is Frightful...

...but the models are so delightful... Here are a couple of recent additions:

- Brecon Dionysus, 2001 grey (chestnut) Welsh Sec A stallion (HR Thunder OF)

- Sriracha Slew, 2003 black tobiano Paint stallion (Breyer Carrick "Travis" TSC 2014 SR OF)

- Will Scarlet, 1996 chestnut Shetland (Classic) stallion (CollectA Shetland Pony OF)

- Shoot The Moon, 2000 black roan QH stallion (Breyer Classic Ariat OF)

- CDM Caprice, 2002 black Morgan mare (Breyer Mariah OF)

- Carmelo DFC, 1998 buckskin Andalusian (PRE) stallion (Breyer Laredo "Tesoro De Oro" 2014 Collector Club 1 of 1000 OF)

- Meadow Brook Golden Ticket, 2007 chestnut roan (florentine) Belgian mare (Breyer SM G1 Drafter "Sonny" 2014 Vintage Club 1 of 500 OF)

- Zakumi, 2003 black leopard Mustang mare (Breyer Indian Pony "Isabella" 2014 Vintage Club SR OF)

- Matheo, 1999 grey dun Fjord stallion (CollectA Fjord Stallion OF)

- Spyder, 1995 black tobiano Mustang stallion (HR Mini Turning Wild Horse OF)

More to come!

January 15

Happy New Year From Caballos Del Mar

New Year is always a time for changes - old to new. Here are this year's Retirement Day announcements, wherein we pension some horses from the list, promoting their sons or daughters in their places. The older horses are still available for breeding requests for their open years - just look for them in the "Older Stallions" or "Older Mares" list following the main breed section.

First, we announce the pensioning of our outstanding Arabian mare, Rafia+++. She is the Monrovia Large Zara in white grey and one of our top showers and producers. Her book is FULL - twenty foals produced! - with no open years available. Thank you to all who used her as dam for their foals. She will be replaced on our list by her daughter, Realista, sired by the wonderful *Bask son, Genuine+/.

But let's not skip over the others:

- Treasure Map, 2005 black tobiano ASB mare (Breyer SM G2 ASB Target SR OF) - taking the place of her dam, Start Me Up

- Nuance, 2006 chestnut Arabian mare (Breyer PAM OF) - taking the place of her dam, Narcyza

- Tiny Toy Cocktail Girl, 2007 chestnut tovero Miniature Horse mare (HR Mini Indian Pony OF) - taking the place of her dam, Tiny Toy Robin's Jazzy Girl

- Ironwood Carissa, 2006 grey Percheron mare (HR Crusader OF) - taking the place of her dam, Ironwood Carina

- Detonare, 2006 grey Standardbred - Pacer mare (HR Mini Native Dancer OF) - taking the place of her dam, Diomedea

- Wyborowa, 2006 bay Holsteiner mare (CollectA TB Mare OF) - taking the place of her dam, Finlandia

And in addition to the retirement changes, there are some new kids on the block, so to speak:

- Thunderdome, 1999 gold champagne ASB stallion (Breyer American Saddlebred 2013 "Holiday Horse On Parade" OF)

- Sigilo, 2000 bay Andalusian stallion (CollectA Andalusian Stallion OF)

- Rock Candy Kid, 2009 chestnut blanket Appaloosa mare (HR Postage Stamp Appaloosa Mare OF)

- Stoneykirk Blue Moon, 2009 bay roan Belgian stallion (Breyer Wixom "Brabant" 2014 Mid States Exclusive OF)

- Caravel, 2009 chestnut tobiano Chincoteague mare (Breyer Stormy OF)

- Braccor Daimen, 2001 bay sabino Clydesdale stallion (CollectA Clydesdale Stallion OF)

- Gailleann McVane, 2001 black sabino roan Clydesdale mare (CollectA Clydesdale Foal OF)

- Akustik, 1999 chestnut Haflinger stallion (CollectA Haflinger OF)

- Wirtje, 2007 black Friesian stallion (CollectA Friesian Stallion OF)

- Mara fra Fitjamyri, 2006 silver bay tobiano Icelandic mare (Breyer SM Indigo "Mini Falhofnir" OF)

- Glenbeigh Fianna, 2005 dapple buckskin Kerry Bog Pony mare (Breyer Croi Damhsa OF)

- Iridium, 2003 chestnut Mustang mare (HR Mini Running Mare SR OF)

- Kantje's Sanne, 1999 bay New Forest Pony mare (Breyer Classic Dartmoor Pony Mare OF)

- Okjen's Picasso, 2007 black New Forest Pony stallion (CollectA Dartmoor Pony OF)

- Heza Dancing Deal, 2005 bay QH stallion (Breyer Harley D Zip OF)

That's it for now - Happy New Year from Caballos Del Mar!