January 17

A Belated Happy New Year

Well, lots of changes to report. Some new faces on the list:

- Parade Rest, 2000 dapple grey (born bay) ASB mare (Breyer SM G2 ASB OF)

- Empatia, 1995 grey (born chestnut) Arabian mare (CollectA Arabian Mare OF)

- Rijo, 1998 bay Lusitano (PSL) stallion (Minkiewicz Lirico OF)

- Play For Keeps, 1998 grey (born bay) Morab mare (Breyer Classic Mariah OF)

- Amada, 2008 palomino Morab mare (HR Large Zilla OF)

- HVK Aristocrat, 1999 dark bay Morgan stallion (Paul Sanders Yankee II Resin CM by Yvonne Davey-Stevens)

- CDM Explosive, 1997 bay Morgan stallion (Breyer Stretched Morgan OF)

- Getragen Elmar, 2009 black leopard Noriker stallion (Lakeshore Norman II Ceramic OF)

- Kantishna, 2006 buckskin QH mare (BSO)

- Evening Thunder, 2005 chestnut TB stallion (BSO)

- Five Star Retreat, 2006 dark bay TB stallion (BSO)

- Brecon Top Shelf, 2001 chestnut roan Welsh Sec B stallion (Breyer Pink Magnum OF)

We also have the annual Retirement Day, wherein we pension some horses from the list, promoting their sons or daughters in their places. The older horses are still available for breeding requests for their open years - just look for them in the "Older Stallions" or "Older Mares" list following the main breed section:

- Partner In Crime, 2004 bay ASB mare (HR Honora OF) - taking the place of her dam, Willing Partner

- Mandolyn C, 2001 grey (doeskin) Arabian mare (HR Zara OF) - taking the place of her dam, Mandatka

- Pekala, 2007 bay Arabian mare (HR Sheba OF) - taking the place of her dam, Perri

- Easter's Mistral, 2005 bay tobiano Chincoteague mare (HR Mini Mustang Stallion OF) - taking the place of her dam, Nor'Easter

- Galla Dash, 2006 palomino QH mare (HR Erin SR OF) - taking the place of her dam, Ms Dash For Dinero

- Heritage Eleanor, 2007 grey Shire mare (HR Mini Specialty Drafter OF) - taking the place of her dam, Greyfaire Myrina

- Publicity Stunt, 2006 chestnut TB mare (HR Swaps OF) - taking the place of her dam, Public Knowledge

- Brecon Impatiens, 2005 bay Welsh Sec B mare (HR Encore OF) - taking the place of her dam, Brecon Iris

Have not been able to pedigree or photograph any of the Christmas horses yet, so hopefully the weather will warm up enough to get some shots in soon!