April 22

Wild Blue Wonder

Caballos Del Mar will be on hiatus until May 15th or so. If you send any requests, please be patient and I will get to them as soon as I return.

January 06

The Year Awakens

Since I got a jump on the New Year retirement posting last month, today is just some additions to the list. A few of these were Christmas gifts and do not yet have their photos taken, but hopefully the weather will cooperate a bit in the coming weeks.

- Cholderton Perfect, 1994 bay Cleveland Bay mare (BSO)

- Elska fra Hofi, 2002 dark chestnut Icelandic mare (Breyer SM G4 Indigo OF)

- Corundum, 1999 bay roan Mustang mare (CollectA Mustang Mare OF)

- Naqada, 2007 grulla blanket Mustang mare (Breyer Forever Saige OF)

- Golden Opportunity, 2009 palomino Part Arabian stallion (Breyer Classic Black Stallion OF)

- Go Jessie, 1998 bay dun QH mare (Breyer Classic AQH Mare OF)

- Ruling Class, 1999 chestnut blanket Appaloosa Sporthorse stallion (Breyer SM G2 WB OF)

We've also added some new Mangalarga Paulistas. Please note that these are not the same as Mangalarga Marchadors - the registries split from one another in the 1930s:

- Harmonia da Roda-Viva, 1997 chestnut dun Mangalarga Paulista mare (Breyer SM G3 Cantering WB OF)

- Jaco do Jao, 1998 black tobiano Mangalarga Paulista stallion (Breyer SM G4 Chrome "Mini Hermoso" SR OF)

- Falcao FDJ, 2000 dark bay Mangalarga Paulista stallion (Breyer SM G4 Chrome OF)

That's it for now - Happy New Year from Caballos Del Mar!