Tiny Toy Coco Loco
1996 bay Miniature Horse stallion
Breyer SM G2 "Shetland" original finish

Tiny Toy Coco Loco

Little King's Locomotion®
1986 bay
Boone's Little Buckeroo®
1978 buckskin
Poplar Lane's Samson®
1970 sorrel
Johnston's Vanilla®
1975 palomino
Gold Melody Boy®
Vanilla 3rd®
Hemlock Brook's Spunky Dude®
1979 bay
Dell Tera's Lord of the Isles®
1972 bay
Dell Tera's Buttons®
Dell Tera's Silver Mist®
Mine of Lingerlong®
1970 bay
Dell's Honey Bee®
Brewer's Red Lady®
1987 bay
Brewer's Pride®
1984 chestnut
Goforth Little Pistol®
1967 chestnut
Komoko's Teenie Tuyna®
1976 grey
Komoko's Sundance®
Komoko's Trixie®
Brewer's Red Bird®
1987 bay
Polaris Light Vant Huttenest®
1975 chestnut
Blaeberry Vant Huttenest®
Libelle Vant Huttenest®
Rowdy's Blaze®
1981 chestnut

First Foal Crop: 1999

2005 - Tiny Toy Rowdy Dream, flaxen chestnut Miniature Horse filly out of sweetwaterlilbitrowdy. Owned by Cory Hartung/Double Hart Ranch.
2011 - Tiny Toy Equinox, bay Miniature Horse stallion out of Autumn Colors. Bred by Jean Sorenson/Lake Hill Ranch. Owned by Kay Myers/Caballos Del Mar.