Rubrica- Reference Dam
1986 chestnut Quarter Horse mare
Pensioned 2010
Deceased 2016
Bred by Caballos Del Mar
Hagen Renaker DW "Metal Chex" original finish


The Signature®
1980 chestnut
1956 bay TB
Star Kingdom®
1946 chestnut
1947 bay
Mable Chick Too®
1965 black
Moolah Bux®
1952 grey TB
Anchors Ahead®
Mable Chick®
1959 black
Triple Chick®
Wild Mable X® [TB]
1976 chestnut
Hagen Renaker "Metal Chex" o.f.
Fiesta Bars
1972 bay
Beswick "QH" o.f. glossy
War Chant®
1952 sorrel
Three Bars® [TB]
Hula Girl P®
Skip Nurse®
1954 bay
Skipper W®
Night Nurse®
Snap Decision [TB]
1970 brown
Hagen Renaker "Terrang" o.f.
Hail To Reason®
1958 brown
Quick Lea
1962 brown
Count Fleet®
Heaven Lea


1990 - Summer Breeze, bay/blanket Appaloosa filly by Afterimage. Owned by Erin Logan.
1991 -
1992 - Rubix Cube King, buckskin QH colt by Heza King. Owned by Natasha Powers/Powers Farm, FL.
1993 -
1994 -
1995 -
1996 -
1997 - Happy Days King, bay sabino QH colt by Mariachi Bars. Owned by Natasha Powers/Powers Farm, FL.
1998 -
1999 - Rue Royal, chestnut QH colt by Shazoom®. Owned by Shannon de Waal/Wolf Hollow Farm.
2000 - MMR Docs Bright Ruby, chestnut QH filly by Doc's Bright Image®. Owned by MMR/Deborah Teeselink.
2001 -
2002 - Initialize, chestnut QH filly, by Separatist®
2003 - Skip The Signature, dark bay frame overo Paint filly by In Like Skip. Owned by Erin Logan/Red Wolf Ranch.
2004 - I'm No Angel, chestnut QH filly by Hype. Owned by Autumn Hauser/Twilight-Mirkwood Stables.
2005 - WW Peppy Cat Olena, chestnut QH colt by Mister Gold Olena. Owned by Bára Delišová/Whispering Wind Ranch.
2006 -
2007 - Star, palomino Quarter Horse filly by Mister Gold Olena. Owned by Daylight Acres.
2008 - Dun In Ink, buckskin Quarter Horse colt by Heza Dun Deal
2009 -
2010 -