Glide Slope
2007 grey Standardbred - Trotter stallion (shown as a foal)
Bred by Caballos Del Mar
Breyer Running Foal OF

Glide Slope

Yankee Glide®
1994 bay Standardbred - Trotter
Valley Victory®
1986 bay Standardbred - Trotter
Baltic Speed®
1981 brown Standardbred - Trotter
Speedy Somalli®
Sugar Frosting®
Valley Victoria®
1981 Standardbred - Trotter
Victorious Lou®
Gratis Yankee®
1981 Standardbred - Trotter
Speedy Crown®
1968 bay Standardbred - Trotter
Speedy Scot®
Missile Toe®
Yankee Flight®
1971 bay Standardbred - Trotter
Hickory Pride®
Yankee Duchess®
1991 grey Standardbred - Pacer
HR Mini Native Dancer OF
Owned by Kay Myers/Caballos Del Mar
1968 brown Standardbred - Pacer
Meadow Skipper®
1960 brown Standardbred - Pacer
Dale Frost®
Countess Vivian®
Voodoo Hanover®
1964 bay Standardbred
Dancer Hanover®
Vibrant Hanover®
Strawberry Dawn®
1978 grey Standardbred
Most Happy Fella®
1967 bay Standardbred - Pacer
Meadow Skipper®
Laughing Girl®
Dear Chunga®
1968 grey Standardbred
Storm Cloud®

First Foal Crop: 2010