Eye Candy
1999 chestnut Tennessee Walking Horse mare
Bred by Caballos Del Mar
Breyer "Midnight Sun" original finish
Special Run 1984 - one of 240 made

Eye Candy

The Pusher CG®
1972 black sabino roan
Drug Dealer®
1964 black
Sun's Gunsmoke®
1955 black
Midnight Sun®
Elrod's Princess Allen®
Knight Lady®
Roan Allen Again®
Glorious Knight®
Go Boy's Blue Gal M®
Go Boy's Flying Cloud®
Merry Go Boy®
Miss Madison®
Meek's Blue Gal®
Go Boy's Special®
Chester's Blue Gal®
Eyes On The Prize
1989 chestnut
Breyer "Midnight Sun" o.f.
Owned by Caballos Del Mar
Pride's Generator®
1975 chestnut
Pride Of Midnight HF®
1966 black
Midnight Sun®
Pride Of Stanley®
HF Spirit's Nell®
1966 chestnut
Spirit Of Midnight®
Nell's Last Lady®
Feast Your Eyes
1975 chestnut
Breyer "Midnight Sun" o.f.
Owned by Caballos Del Mar
Ebony Masterpiece®
1956 black
Skipper Son Midnight®
Lady Lee®
Go Boy's Copper Queen
1960 chestnut
Merry Go Boy®
My Chestnut Queen®


2003 - Candy's Groove, palomino TWH filly by Tennessee Goldust®. Owned by Shannon de Waal/Wolf Hollow Farm.
2004 - RW Striking Out, chestnut TWH colt by Gen's Armed And Dangerous®. Owned by Erin Logan/Red Wolf Ranch.
2005 - Walkabout Candy, bay blanket Walkaloosa filly by Skips Andrew. Owned by Autumn Rupert/Twilight Mirkwood.
2006 - Pumpkin Juice, chestnut TWH gelding by Precarious. Owned by Melissa Addison/Elk Star Ranch.
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2014 - Easy On The Eyes, chestnut TWH filly by Bum's Gold Coin. Bred by Caballos Del Mar/Indigo Creek Stables. Owned by Kay Myers/Caballos Del Mar.
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