Dunelm Fiona
2003 bay Clydesdale mare
Bred by Caballos Del Mar
Hagen Renaker Mini "Clydesdale" original finish glossy

Dunelm Fiona

Alannis’s Northern Gael
1997 bay Clydesdale
Metlox Clydesdale OF
Owned by Laurel Dedes/Persimmon Hill Farm
Northern Lad
1994 bay sabino Clydesdale
BFA Victory At The Highlands OF
Owned by Chris Wallbruch/October Moon Acres
Gael Masterstroke
1987 bay Clydesdale
WBP Androclese resin CM
Owned by Becky Jones/Feathered Feet Farm
Doura Gael Force++
*Doura Perfect Pleasure®
Caladesi Empress Augusta
1983 black extreme sabino Clydesdale
Owned by Becky Jones/Feathered Feet Farm
Rob Roy’s Augustus
Caladesi Contentment’s Empress
Gael Alannis
1987 bay Clydesdale
HR Mini Drafter OF
Owned by Chris Wallbruch/October Moon Acres
Doura Gael Force++
1984 bay Clydesdale
Owned by Kim Bjorgo Thorne/Caladesi Farms
*Doura Sensation®
*Ayton Lady Victoria®
Hayston Alanna®
Doura Masterstroke®
High Ashyard Ella®
Weatherhill's Diana
1988 bay Clydesdale
HR Mini Clydesdale OF
Owned by Kay Myers/Caballos Del Mar
Clydeview Scotty Supreme®
1984 bay Clydesdale
Ridgedale Scottie Supreme®
1973 bay Clydesdale
Doura Aristocrat®
Doura Sweet Bloom®
Bonnie Lily®
1976 bay Clydesdale
Princess Phyllis®
Queen's Princess Sensation®
1984 brown Clydesdale
Aristocrat Sensation®
1975 bay Clydesdale
Johnston Aristocrat®
Bardrill Gypsie®
Castle's Scottish Queen®
1970 bay Clydesdale
Bardrill Castle®
College Princess®


2007 - Dunelm Lord Campbell, bay Clydesdale colt by Dunelm Kilmadan. Owned by Melissa Addison/Elk Star Ranch.
2008 - Dunelm Birl, bay sabino Clydesdale colt by Dunelm Nevis. Owned by Lisa Burgard/Horseshoe Crest Ranch.
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