September 27

Birthday Fallout

My family went overboard with new models for my birthday this year - yay, family! Plus, I finally got around to PA-ing several models that have been giving me the stink eye for not providing them with identities for, err, months. I have also updated all the mares' open years and all the show records, whew! So here are the new additions:

- Just Smokin, 1998 bay dun QH mare (Breyer SM G3 Standing Stock Horse 2007 JCP SR OF)

- Glenshaw's Gold Nugget, 1997 palomino roan (florentine) tobiano Shetland Pony mare (Breyer Shetland 2013 Vintage Club "Diamonds" OF)

- Double Dealin, 2007 palomino sabino QH stallion (Breyer Carrick OF)

- Glenshaw's Ranger Smith, 2010 blue roan (copenhagen) tobiano Shetland Pony stallion (Breyer Shetland 2013 Vintage Club "Denim" OF)

- CDM Maid Of Honor, 2004 palomino Morgan mare (Lakeshore Miz Charisma OF)

- Samovar, 2007 chestnut sabino Arabian stallion (Breyer Ashquar OF)

- Dunelm Lestrade, 2007 bay Clydesdale stallion (Breyer Classic Clydesdale Resin OF)

- Hedonism, 2002 black tobiano Pintabian stallion (Breyer Black Tie Affair OF)

- Love On The Line, 2003 chestnut tobiano (homozygous) Paint mare (Breyer SM G2 TB CM by Shawn McNeely)

- Ewelina, 1997 chestnut Arabian mare (CollectA Arabian Mare OF)

- Wohali, 1993 grulla Spanish Mustang mare (CollectA Mustang Mare OF)

I have also added a "Naming Rules and Conventions" section to the Breeding Rules page to outline some of the naming conventions for different breeds. Some of them are very specific, others are suggestions. For an even more detailed chart of many of the breeds, please visit the IPABRA website.

And...that's it for now. I have more horses yet to PA, and several new ones that don't even have photos yet. We will be home next weekend so I am hoping that the weather cooperates and I can get out and get my pictures taken. I *can* take pix indoors, but I much prefer the natural light on the models so hopefully we'll get a good shooting day.

August 7

Lazy Days

After a wicked heatwave last month (during which our AC system gave up the ghost), the weather for the past couple of weeks has been lovely. I have several new models but unfortunately have not had an opportunity to get photos taken yet. Hopefully in a couple of weeks I will get the chance. In the meantime, there are a couple of new additions to the list:

- Precious Metal, 1999 grey (gold champagne tobiano base) ASB stallion (Breyer 5-Gaiter "Commander" 2013 Vintage Club SR OF)

- Khougar, 1996 bay Arabian stallion (Breyer FAS CM)

- Dunelm Obsession, 2007 silver bay Gypsy Vanner/Clydesdale/QH stallion (Breyer Brishen OF)

May 31

A Brief Update

Back from vacation, but no new horses to post yet. I have updated the available mare years, so there's that.

April 20

Hello Strangers!

Sorry for the lack of updates. It's not that I haven't been adding new horses, but I've been sneaking them onto the list without any announcements. So we'll rectify that now:

- Jovita, 2002 chestnut roan ASB mare (Breyer ASB Weanling OF)

- A Mir Formality, 1999 grey (bay) semi-leopard Appaloosa stallion - 3/4's Arabian but is a registered Appaloosa (Breyer PAS "Harlequin" Vintage Club OF)

- Swayze, 1999 chestnut leopard Appaloosa stallion (Breyer Lil Ricky Rocker OF)

- Raszka, 1997 grey Arabian mare (Sandicast Arabian OF)

- REM Crystal, 2000 liver chestnut Morgan mare (Breyer Running Mare OF)

- Vigil, 2008 chestnut blanket Mustang stallion (Schleich Appaloosa OF)

- Fra Mauro, 2004 dunskin Spanish Mustang stallion (Breyer Breeds of the World Mustang OF)

- Itsanother Gem, 1995 grulla overo Paint mare (Breyer Lady Phase OF)

- Take A Vow, 2007 bay tobiano Paint mare (Breyer Melange OF)

- Heza Coosa Coo, 2006 palomino overo Paint stallion (Sandicast Paint OF)

- Topsail Away, 1999 chestnut QH stallion (Breyer Topsails Rien Maker OF)

- Qpid, 2005 chestnut TB stallion (Sandicast TB OF)

We will be going on vacation starting April 23rd and I won't have much computer access until May 8th, so if you send a request, please be patient and I'll get it completed once we return.