Retirement Party

It's time for our annual Retirement Day, wherein we pension some horses from the list, promoting their sons or daughters in their places. The older horses are still available for breeding requests for their open years - just look for them in the "Older Stallions" or "Older Mares" list following the main breed section:

- Price Phixing, 2003 bay ASB mare (HR Large Honora OF) - taking the place of her dam, High Phi

- *Konfesja, 2003 grey Arabian mare (HR Sheba OF) - taking the place of her dam, *Kolejka

- Novara, 2001 light chestnut Arabian mare (HR Zara OF) - taking the place of her dam, Novation

- Dunelm Eirica, 2004 black sabino Clydesdale mare (Breyer SM TB Mare CM) - taking the place of her dam, Footprint Princess Royal

- CDM Lara, 2004 chestnut Morgan mare (HR Forever Amber OF) - taking the place of her dam, CDM Liberty

- Ebeniste, 2003 dark grey (bay) TB mare (HR Comella OF) - taking the place of her dam, Affirme

- Brecon Ruby, 2004 chestnut Welsh Sec A mare (HR Mini Shetland Mare OF) - taking the place of her dam, Brecon Diamond


New And Old

So these additions are a combination of new and old - thanks to Heather Mays and Cory Hartung for their parents:

- An old El Pastor mold with a new pedigree that is filled with old models...even tracing back to two of my portrait horses: Esplendido del Mar, 1995 bay Paso Fino stallion (Breyer El Pastor OF)

- A new SM G2 ASB in a dark bay blanket appaloosa pattern. Really? Well, let's put some AWESOME old-time model names in this combo pedigree....and once again trace back to two of my horses: Truth or Dare, 1996 bay blanket ASB/Appaloosa mare (Breyer SM G2 ASB OF)

- Another new SM G2 WB in a varnish roan appy pattern. Sire from GMS, dam from DHR...and no, he doesn't trace back to any of mine. I think. Hit The Lynx, 2000 grey (bay varnish roan) Appaloosa Sporthorse stallion (Breyer SM G2 WB OF)



A couple more to add.

- Wu Julee, 2004 chocolate palomino overo Paint mare (Breyer Running Mare "Salt & Pepper" SR OF)

- CDM Paul Revere, 1998 black Morgan stallion (Breyer Classic Black Beauty OF)

- Bossa Nova PhD, 1997 smoky black Paso Fino mare (Breyer SM G2 Paso Fino OF)

- Think About Me, 1999 bay Shetland (Classic) stallion (Breyer Rearing Stallion OF)


Wild Ride

So. A hurricane in New Jersey. Two years in a row. Completely unfair, says I. After all, we get winter with all of its nifty ice, sleet and snow. We should not get hurricanes to boot.

OK, so it wasn't classified as a hurricane when it made landfall, but it sure caused a mess of damage all over the Mid-Atlantic. Let's not go for the trifecta next year, m'kay?

Not nearly as much activity on the model front. Several new horses have found their way here, mostly thanks to the MEPSA Championship prizes, Breyer's Vintage Club and a birthday. I've been pretty remiss in getting pictures done though. Maybe after the leaves finish falling but before the cold arrives. That should be approximately next Sunday afternoon from 1:45 to 3:30 pm. I'll see what I can do. In the meantime, here are the ones that have managed to get photos AND pedigrees so far:

- The Prestige, 1996 liver chestnut ASB stallion (Breyer Breeds of the World ASB Resin OF)

- Arlequin, 1999 bay Andalusian stallion (Breyer Breeds of the World Andalusian Resin OF)

- Verbena C, 1997 grey Andalusian mare (Breyer SM G2 Andalusian OF)

- Zapora C, 2003 grey (black) Arabian mare (Breyer Breeds of the World Arabian Resin OF)

- Amarula, 1995 grey Lippizan mare (Safari Lipizzan OF)

- Lake Hill Cabaret, 2000 grey Percheron stallion (Breyer SM G4 Vaulting Horse OF)

- Chirapa CDM, 1997 buckskin Peruvian Paso mare (Breyer SM G3 Peruvian Paso OF)

- Pachacuti CDM, 2003 palomino Peruvian Paso stallion (Breyer Western Prancing Horse OF)

- Quests Pale Ale, 1995 palomino QH stallion (Breyer Breeds of the World QH Resin OF)

- Pramie, 1999 chestnut roan Trakehner mare (Breyer SM G3 Cantering WB OF)

July 6

Hot Hot Hot

Normally in Pennsylvania/Southern New Jersey, we get a nasty bit of hot, humid summer weather round about August. Temps in the upper 90's with a similar humidity percentage. It's draining to be outside - the only relief comes from the frequent evening thunderstorms, which roll through, terrifying the pets and dropping the temperatures by a few degrees.

We've already hit the 90's and above several times this season and it's only the beginning of July. Yikes. I can't even go out and tackle pruning the wisteria vines - they'll just have to continue their evil plot of world domination until the weather cools a bit. Until then...hmmm, maybe a little pedigree assignment? Many new models, but one new guy to highlight as his pedigree took me a LONG time to research, since Portugeuse is not exactly my first, second or third language.

- El Bramido Destino, 1996 buckskin sabino Criollo stallion (Breyer Desatado OF)

May 23

Ah-Sah-Pring is Here

Well, back to spring again - huzzah! With just a touch of humidity creeping in, but it's truly been an outstanding season this year. Much better than our usual here, which consists of WINTER followed by three weeks of *spring* followed by SUMMER followed by three weeks of *fall*.

On the model front, just a couple of new faces to introduce. I've been spending quite a bit of time putting in place "replacement foals" for the horses currently on the list. Most of my horses are given a 25-30 year lifespan, so I breed forward a foal to take their place as they are pensioned off the list. I very much like alternating model and real bloodlines, so have been making requests from several other PA friends recently.

Mistress Quickly, 1995 chestnut overo Paint Pony mare (Breyer SM G3 WB Jumper OF)

Laudine, 2002 liver chestnut Connemara/TB mare (Breyer SM G3 WB Jumper OF)

I also finally found a model to go with one of my original foundation Belgians, Stoneykirk Reflection. While he has been on the list as a reference sire for a while, I have now included his son and grandson:

Stoneykirk Bicentennial, 1976 chestnut Belgian stallion (Breyer Belgian OF)

Stoneykirk Yankee Doodle, 1992 chestnut Belgian stallion (Breyer Belgian OF)

A bit more travel coming up the second week in June, then I should be around for most of the summer.

April 10

Windy City

I have to say, it feels less like Spring today than it did a month ago. I finally got out in the yard over the weekend to take some long overdue pix, and it was so windy that I almost gave up on it! But at last, model pix prevailed.

- Dunelm Ivanhoe, 1999 palomino tobiano NASD (Clydesdale/Shire type) stallion (Breyer Clydesdale Stallion OF)

- Love Letters, 2007 chestnut tobiano Paint mare (Breyer Roxy "Fontana" SR OF)

- Vanderbilt, 1996 buckskin tobiano Paint Pony stallion (Breyer Classic AQHA Stallion OF)

- Dunelm Rowena, 1995 buckskin Clydesdale/QH mare (BSO)

- Charm Offensive, 1998 red dun QH stallion (Breyer Zippo Pine Bar "Picture Perfect" OF)

- Consort, 1997 chestnut Holsteiner stallion (Lakeshore Marshall OF)

- Hitched, 1998 grey (bay) Trakehner stallion (Lakeshore Marshall OF)

Last year for our anniversary, my husband gave me the dun tobiano Zippo Pine Bar model, who I named Im Dun Datin. This year, I got THREE models: Love Letters, Consort and Hitched. I'm having fun with this theme!

In addition to these horses, I have also begun adding my foal models - most were pedigreed when I got back into showing in 2007/2008, so they are now of an age to begin having foals of their own. They are pictured in their "foal bodies" and their pages will show which years are available for each. I won't announce these additions - they will just start to show up in the listing over time.

Finally, I will be traveling from April 20th - May 6th. I'm not sure what sort of internet connections we'll have, so if you don't get a response right away, I will certainly handle your request upon my return.

March 8


It's early March and supposed to be close to 70 degrees today. Which may not sound unusual if you live Florida or California, but in the Mid-Atlantic...well, let's just say that I wish we could have class outside today.

Alas, doesn't look like that's in the cards, nor will I be able to get pictures of some new additions until next weekend, most likely. So we'll just have to go with one new mare for now:

- Zarin, 1994 chestnut Haflinger mare (Breyer Classic Haflinger OF)

She's been to one photo show to date - and was Champion of her division.

February 4

Home Again

Nice to be home. I have a couple of new additions to the list:

- Elityzm, 1998 dark chestnut Arabian mare (Breyer CAM OF)

- Naporowy, 2001 chestnut Arabian stallion (Breyer CAS OF)

- Glenshaw's Tir na Nog, 1997 black tobiano Shetland (Classic) stallion (Breyer Shetland OF)

Still a few orphans around to work on as well. Oh, and I just received a few of those new Breyer Classics, so we'll see what the next update brings!

January 13

Across The Pond

I will be traveling for the next two weeks - with a brief stop back home to wash clothes and repack the suitcase! I'm sure I will find some time for correspondence here and there, but it may take me a while to get to pedigree requests until I get back on January 27th.

And for a new horses to add. We'll have to remedy that!

January 4

Brand New Year

I have the last two stragglers from my mad pedigree frenzy of last month. Thanks to Erin Logan of Red Wolf Ranch for these pedigrees:

- Smoke Break, 1996 chestnut QH stallion (Breyer SM G2 Appaloosa OF)

- Peppers Lil Lark, 1994 bay QH mare (Breyer SM G3 Standing Stock Horse OF)

In addition, we have pensioned some horses from the list, promoting their sons or daughters in their places. The older horses are still available for breeding requests for their open years - just look for them in the "Older Stallions" or "Older Mares" list following the main breed section:

- Brecon Azalea, 2002 grey (bay base) Welsh Sec B mare (HR Mini Mini Arabian Mare OF) - taking the place of her dam, Brecon Jasmine

- CDM Sensation, 2001 palomino Morgan mare (HR Large Zara OF) - taking the place of her dam, CDM Stewardess

- Dunelm Fiona, 2003 bay Clydesdale mare (HR Mini Clydesdale OF) - taking the place of her dam, Weatherhill's Diana

- Granica, 2004 grey Arabian mare (Breyer PAM OF) - taking the place of her dam, Gozymer

- Harlette, 2001 grey ASB mare (HR Large Honora OF) - taking the place of her dam, Consulette

- Lie Detector, 2004 bay TB stallion (Beswick Bois Roussel OF) - taking the place of his sire, Found My Thrill

- Narena, 2001 bay Arabian mare (HR Mini Arabian Mare OF) - taking the place of her dam, Natalya

- Nominee, 2002 palomino QH mare (HR Mini Western Horse OF) - taking the place of her dam, Class Actress

And finally, we are retiring our Multi-Grand Champion Morgan stallion, CDM Royalty. Royalty will continue to be available during his open years 1999-2012, and will no doubt add to his list of 21 foals on the ground.

I hope that 2012 will be a happy, healthy year for everyone!