November 14

One More!

A big thank you to Ann Bilon of Sanctuary Farm for the use of her great showhorse, Equinox Beau Gest, as the sire for our new Morgan mare:

- CDM Beaudacious, palomino Morgan mare (Breyer Classic Morgan Mare OF)

November 11

New additions

I had a birthday a couple of months ago, which seems to lead to new horses these days:

- Abaca, grey TB mare (Breyer Valvella OF)

- Capitan del Prado, dark bay Paso Fino stallion (Breyer SM G3 Andalusian OF)

- Fantasm, grey Oldenburg stallion (Breyer Ideal OF)

- Hawkland's Silver King, grey Irish Draught stallion (Breyer O'Leary's Irish Diamond OF)

- RCH Tiara, grey Peruvian Paso mare (Breyer SM G3 Paso OF)

- Slew d'Etat, black TB mare (Starlite Original Ruffian OF)

- Toboso, Black Andalusian (PRE) stallion (Breyer Porcelain Esprit OF)

September 13

More New Faces

As promised, an update to our new faces post:

- AF Gold Mine, palomino Miniature Horse stallion (Breyer SM Shetland OF)

- CDM Bribery, liver chestnut Morgan stallion (Breyer Flash OF)

- CDM Wish Me Luck, brown Morgan stallion (Breyer Flash OF)

- Bottle Shock, chestnut QH stallion (HR Mini QH Stallion OF)

- Irish Cream, bay tobiano Shetland Pony stallion (HR Mini Head Up Pony OF)

- Best Behavior, grey TB mare (HR Specialty Quicksilver OF)

- Allotrope, grey TB stallion (HR Specialty Mistweaver OF)

August 26

New Faces

It had been a while since we added any new residents here, and we're making up for it! There are also several others with pending pedigrees and a bunch that need identities so hopefully this will be updated soon:

- New Voodoo, bay Saddlebred stallion (Breyer Harmonie OF)

- Clementine Hale, grey/blanket Appaloosa mare (HR Mini Appaloosa Mare)

- Hisley Cadence, brown Dartmoor Pony stallion (HR Mini Rearing Horse OF)

- Craigsford Patina, brown Exmoor Pony mare (Breyer Sari OF)

- Tiny Toy Spice Girl, black tovero Miniature Horse mare (HR Mini Indian Pony OF)

- CDM Kendall, chestnut Morgan stallion (HR Mini Morgan Stallion OF SR)

- Cat And Tonic, bay QH mare (Breyer Classic AQHA Mare OF)

- Precarious, bay TWH stallion (Breyer SM G3 TWH OF)

- Pranqster, dark bay TB stallion (Breyer Chesterfield resin OF)

- Daccar, rose grey Hanoverian mare (Starlite Jumping Horse OF)

- Artistik, grey Hanoverian stallion (Starlite Hanoverian OF)

July 22

Old Gold

While I was updating all of the individual horse pages I remembered that I had found some old photos of horses that I owned and/or customized in the 1980s that are References Sires or Dams. I scanned some of them and added them to the list:

- Arana, Bay Peruvian Paso mare (Breyer WPH CM)

- Deja Vu, black roan/blanket Appaloosa stallion (Breyer Stud Spider CM)

- Flirtation, Bay Arabian Mare (Breyer PAF CM) - she's so cute!

- Fontaz, Grey Arabian stallion (Breyer PAS CM)

- Live It Up, chestnut tobiano ASB mare (Breyer 5-Gaiter CM)

- Rear Admiral, palomino ASB stallion (Breyer 5-Gaiter OF)

- Take The Fifth, buckskin Mustang stallion (Breyer Mustang OF)

So, g'head. Take a look at what used to win big in the show rings, kids. Way before you were born!

July 19


I recently got a new laptop which allowed me to update some of my software and programs - a task long overdue. I installed Mozilla Firefox as a browser - I still use Internet Explorer for much of my web browsing, but needed Firefox for a couple of applications.

I discovered, to my horror, that my sire/dam list didn't quite translate into Firefox. Things that looked perfect on IE were completely wrong in FF - colors, spacing, fonts, page order. And naturally, the things that needed to be changed weren't in the css file, which could be easily edited. No, no, there were problems on each individual page.

I believe everything is now fixed. At least I hope it is because I really don't want to have to do that again.

Plus: some new faces:

- Fantastico CDM, Palomino Peruvian Paso Stallion (Breyer Traditional Paso o.f.)
Gorgeous coloring, with a great real-bred pedigree.

- Mago CDM, chestnut Peruvian Paso stallion (Breyer WPH CM)
Terrific action and fire - multi Grand Champion.

- Nevsky, Grey Arabian Stallion (HR Nataf o.f.)
Nevsky takes the place of his sire on the list.

- Querida MD, Grey Andalusian mare (Breyer "Classic Andalusian Mare" CM)
My first CM with pastels and pencils.

April 27


The majority of the reference horses are now included in the sire/dam list. There may be a few more to add in the future but the list of breeds with older models available is:

Akhal Teke
Chicoteague Pony
Hackney Pony
Paso Fino
Peruvian Paso
Quarter Horse
Quarter Pony
Shetland Pony
Welsh Pony

It was a nice little trip down memory lane - many of those horses were sold 15-20 years ago, but I could still remember most of them. Hopefully they will offer some new (or old) options for breeding and bloodlines.

April 3

Reverse BSO's

Well this has turned into a bigger project than I expected! Not that it's a problem, but I had more horses in the old days than I remembered, so it is taking some time to get them organized. In addition to the horses originally on the sire/dam list, I am also including those horses that were foal bodies - each have now been assigned a foaling year and a pedigree page.

I've started thinking about these guys as "Reverse BSO" models. Instead of starting with an identity and eventually (or not) getting a body to go with it, these horses were all part of my collection at one time - and have now "reversed", becoming BSO's while their physical bodies went on to someone else's collection.

I've added to some of breeds posted last time and have included a few new ones. I have many other breeds waiting to go, but wanted to post an update on the progress. The list of breeds with older stock is (currently) as follows:

Akhal Teke
Chicoteague Pony
Hackney Pony

March 26

Need Some Older Horses?

Caballos Del Mar has been involved in model horse pedigree assignment for over thirty years. And while there have period of hiatus in activity, the breeding program has continued to build on the original model and real-horse pedigrees created oh-so-many years ago.

Recently, we've been getting more and more requests from people asking to use our older reference horses as sires/dams. While happy to do ad hoc lists for specific breeds, we decided it was easier to just list them all. So for many of the breeds in the list, you will now find (or find expanded) sub-groups showing Older Stallions and Older Mares.

These horses were all real models at one point - since then, they have been sold, or have become a descendant of the original pedigreed model. These horses are now "deceased", or have been pensioned to allow one of their younger foals to take their place on the list.

This is, as with everything, a work in progress. Slowly but surely, we are adding our old horses to the list, and increasing the available models considerably - our "old" Morgans alone have added 35 horses to those available to our guests. If you are looking for older horses of a particular breed, just keep checking or drop a note and ask.

As of now, the following breeds have had the reference stock posted on the list:

Akhal Teke
Chicoteague Pony

March 13

Almost Spring

It's been a while since I've updated, and we have a couple of new horses to showcase.

- Hands Up, Chestnut tobiano ASB Stallion (Breyer Saddlebred Stallion o.f.)
This is the beautiful Chubasco model, sire of our multi-Champ filly, Jazz Hands.

-Dekadent, Dark bay Arabian stallion (Breyer Resin Huckleberry Bey)
Gorgeous coloring on this clinky version of the Breyer Huck. Just started showing.

-Stoneykirk Con Tiki, Sorrel Belgian stallion (Breyer SM G3 Drafter)
One of our few SMs - he's a beauty.

- CDM Marvelous, Sooty buckskin Morgan mare (Darcy Resin)
Her name suits her perfectly - just a gorgeous mare!