Blue Sky's Jester- Reference Sire
1987 grey Welsh Section A stallion
Bred by Caballos Del Mar
Pensioned 2016
Hagen Renaker San Marcos DW "Head Up Pony" original finish glossy

Blue Sky's Jester

Starlight's Blue Sky [Portrait Model]
1964 grey Welsh Sec A
HR Head-Up Pony OF
Owned by Kay Myers/Caballos Del Mar
Grand Master's Star®
1949 chestnut

Criban Grand Master®
1934 chestnut

Criban Shot Again®
Llwyn's Dainty Maid®
Dainty Star®
1927 chestnut
Gwindy's Aviator®
Dainty Topsy®
Beau Val's Bandanna®
Criban Grand Master II®
Criban Grand Master®
Rosebud Elect®

Bolgoed Princess®

Shimdda Hir Sprightly Shot®
Pengwern Rosalite®
Liseter Merry Star
1969 grey Section A
Hagen Renaker Mini "Postage Stamp Arabian" o.f.
Owned by Caballos Del Mar
Liseter Shooting Star®
1954 chestnut
*Farnley Morning Star®
1951 chestnut roan
Bowdler Brilliant®
Revel Meadow Sweet®
Farnley Fairlight®
1942 grey
Bowdler Brightlight®
Criban Sunray®
Liseter Bliss
Liseter Brilliant®
1956 grey
Liseter Bright Light®
Coed Coch Sigldin®
Liseter Joyous®
Liseter Agate®
Liseter Gaiety®

First Foal Crop: 1990

1997 - Brecon Blue Owl, grey Welsh (Section A) colt out of Brecon Eclipse. Owned by Laurel Dedes of Persimmon Hill
2000 - Brecon's Diamond Jester, chestnut Welsh (Section A) colt out of Brecon Diamond. Owned by Linda Ransom/Trumpet Farms.
2002 - Brecon Touchstone, grey Welsh Section A stallion out of Dragon Star Vivianna. Bred by Michelle Smith/Dragon Star Farm. Owned by Kay Myers/Caballos Del Mar.
2002 - I Love This Bar PS, white grey Welsh Section A colt out of Brecon Lavender. Owned by Natasha Powers/Powers Stud.
2004 - WHF Ariadne, grey (bay) Welara filly out of Ariel (Arabian). Bred and owned by Shannon de Waal/Wolf Hollow Farm.
2007 - Rowantree Raindrop, grey (black base) Welsh Section B filly out of Brecon Azalea. Owned by Alethea Drexler/Shady Grove Ranch.
2014 - Brecon Isabella, grey Welara filly out of Brecon Mariana. Owned by Kay Myers/Caballos Del Mar.

Last Foal Crop: 2015