1995 chestnut roan TWH mare
Breyer SM G3 TWH Target SR OF


Bum's Souvenir®
1975 black roan TWH
Delight Bumin Around®
1968 black TWH
Sun's Delight D®
1959 chestnut TWH
Midnight Sun®
Wilson Snip's Chance®
Impala's Shadowette®
1965 black TWH
The Impala K M®
Merry Souvenir®
roan TWH
Go Boy's Souvenir®
1949 roan TWH
Merry Go Boy®
Merry Go Girl T®
Merry Go Boy®
Jane Ann®
Lady Fame®
1986 chestnut TWH
Pride's Delight K®
1972 TWH
Pride of Midnight HF®
1966 black TWH
Midnight Sun®
Pride Of Stanley®
Audie Delight®
1968 TWH
Sun's Delight D®
Midnight Dark Lady®
Fame's Mack K GF®
1974 TWH
Midnight Mack K®
1949 black TWH
Midnight Sun®
Merry Boy's Fame LM®
1957 TWH
Merry Boy®
Sharing Fame®


1999 -
2000 -
2001 - Gen's Signature Moves, liver chestnut TWH filly by Gen's Nothing To It®. Owned by Linda Ransom/Trumpet Farm.
2002 - Autobiography King, blood bay TWH colt by Precarious. Owned by Natasha Powers/Powers Farm, FL.
2003 - Rose Colored Glasses, strawberry roan TWH colt by Precarious. Owned by Kat Bryant/TMS Stables.
2004 - The Gold Standard, palomino TWH colt by Sun's Yellow Gold. Owned by Cindi Nakagawa/Indigo Creek Stables.
2005 - Jet Propulsion, chestnut TWH colt by Precarious. Owned by Shanly Bryant/Circle A Ranch.
2006 -
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2009 -
2010 - Yours Truly, chestnut roan TWH filly by Pride's Valedictorian. Bred by Caballos Del Mar/Twin Springs Stables. Owned by Kay Myers/Caballos Del Mar.
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