Alan's Merry Maid
1995 black Shire mare
Breyer SM G2 Clydesdale OF

Alan's Merry Maid

Metheringham Joseph®
1976 black sabino Shire
Hainton Jim®
1972 black Shire
Hainton Warrant®
1964 black sabino Shire
Burford Warrant®
Brownslow June®
Middlewich Josephine®
1960 Shire
His Excellency®
Boothay Princess®
Tremoelgoch Beauty®
Grange Wood Bengie®
1960 brown Shire
Grange Wood Select®
Baswich Belinda®
Culcliffe Lucky Charm®
1965 Shire
Carr Coming King®
Culcliffe Nickel Coin®
Whinmoor Dawn Surprise®
1986 Shire
Raygold Bill®
1973 black Shire
Hainton Wonder®
1969 black Shire
Hainton Warrant®
Fence's Gill®
Ladbrook's What's Wanted®
Callow Ann®
Calverley House Silver Treasure®
1977 Shire
Elian Grey King®
1973 grey Shire
Alneland Masterpiece®
Culcliffe Susan Diane®
Walker House Beauty®
1973 Shire
Quixhill Gay Lad®
Black Beauty®


1999 -
2000 -
2001 - Heritage Robin Hood, black Shire colt by Heritage Blue Balou. Owned by Eileen O'Dell.
2002 - Alan's Blue Balou Prince, black Shire colt by Heritage Blue Balou. Owned by Natasha Powers/Powers Farm, FL.
2003 - Heritage Playful Tale, black Shire colt by Heritage Blue Balou. Owned by Laura Sammon/Distant Fire Ridge.
2004 - Heritage Victory, bay (sabino) Shire colt by *Earnshaw Victor. Owned by Cindi Nakagawa/Indigo Creek Stables.
2005 - Foxfire Merry Harry, black sabino Shire colt by Foxfire Harry Crumb. Owned by Delana Metcalf/Foxfire Farm.
2005 (via ET) - Aristotle, black tobiano NASD colt by Renaissance Invincible. Owned by Cassidy Knight/Western Skies Ranch.
2006 - A Love Song, light grey Shire colt by Heritage Crystal Knight. Owned by Natasha Powers/Powers Farm, FL.
2007 -
2008 - TW Drummer Boy, black Clydesdale/Shire colt by Dunelm Nevis. Owned by Tysharna Kay-Darts/Tumble Weed Stables.
2009 -
2010 - Heritage New Edition, black Shire filly by Ultra Edition. Bred by Caballos Del Mar/Sapphire Rose Ranch. Owned by Kay Myers/Caballos Del Mar.
2011 -
2012 - Heritage Jolly Roger, black Shire colt by Heritage Blue Balou. Owned by Anna Ruby Whitmire/Over the Rainbow Stables.
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